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Barry Mount

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Actively disengaged employees are at risk for an unhealthy life overall. In fact, they are twice as likely to get diagnosed with depression. Having a mentality like this directly affects their work, ultimately hurting your company.

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Employees mentally check out for a multitude of reasons. Maybe they see no room for growth, or maybe they are stressed about their lack of paid time off. Either way, the first step is identifying that you have disengaged employees. Here are some ways you can tell:

They Are Only Performing the Tasks in Front of


Lack of initiative is a classic sign of a disengaged employee. Workers who feel a sense of purpose will actively look for tasks and ways they can improve the company as a whole. Be mindful of whether this is the norm.

They Look Exhausted and Stressed

Does your employee benefits plan offer adequate paid time off? Is your group health insurance thorough enough? If employees do not have time off to recharge and don't have proper insurance to address health concerns, they will come to work ragged and overworked. Invest in their health for more alert workers.

They Don’t Seem Interested in Promotions

Your employees will feel motivated to grow if they feel tied to a wider purpose and mission. Create more transparency in your company so your team knows where they direct their talents and energy.

They Aren’t Showing up to Company Events

If your employees clock in and out without taking advantage of company gatherings, they aren't invested in the culture. This could be a sign that they feel detached from their job due to stress or resentment.

They Aren’t Taking Advantage of Employee


Is your group health insurance offering enough to your employees? If not, they might get insurance elsewhere. By building a thorough employee group benefits plan, you will notice more people taking advantage of it. This will build a general appreciation for your company as a whole.

Are They Engaged? Ask!

The best way to know whether your employees are engaged is simply to ask. Send out an anonymous survey and ask how your workers feel about their jobs. They can tell you how they experience work on a daily basis and what else they want from your company. This feedback can only help you grow. 

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Barry Mount

Barry has 33 years of insurance experience and has spent 27 years specializing in employee benefits. He has a CLU (Chartered Life Underwriter) designation and is a current and past member of Advisory Boards. When he’s not working, Barry is happiest sharing time with his spouse, children, and grandchildren, while fitting in many great times with friends. He loves to travel and finds great pleasure in the time he spends giving back to his community through his involvement with the Rotary Club of Whitby-Sunrise.
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