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Cathleen Wright

A new surge of millennials has recently started joining associations and professional organizations, but why? According to Tina Wells of Buzz Marketing Group, "millennial business owners and leaders overwhelmingly believe that today's professional communities are a powerful tool to build social currency and further their professional goals." 

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This newfound interest in associations is great news if you own or work for a professional organization, as there is a new pool of eager young members waiting to join your community. 

If you’re looking to benefit from this resurgence, you may want to consider offering health benefits to your members to entice millennials to join your association. Benefits are a great motivator for millennials and can help your association grow in membership.

 What’s an Association?

An association is a group of like-minded people—generally a non-profit organization that brings people of a particular profession together. While associations charge a small fee to members, there are many benefits of joining an association, which can include networking, resume building, and much more. Now, members can also receive group benefits from their association, which can be extremely useful if members do not receive health benefits from their employers.


What type of coverage is most beneficial to your members? This will help you find the right group benefits option for your association. You will be able to easily narrow down which plans meet your needs and which do not. 

If you’re not quite sure what aspects of a group plan to prioritize, ask your members. Since this plan will be included to meet your members’ needs, why not ask them what they’re really looking for? This is the best way to make sure members are happy with their coverage. 

Make a list of what is most and least important to you and discuss it with your benefits provider. This will help your provider find the ideal plan to suit your needs.

Evaluate Coverage Options

Not every group benefits plan available on the market is going to be right for you. It’s important to evaluate all your options to become familiar with the different types of plans available. 

Shopping around will also help you gauge price points. This will ensure that, once you discuss your options with your benefits provider, nothing will come as a shock to you. 

While your benefits provider will be able to perform this task for you, you may personally want to conduct a comparison on your own time to make sure you’re familiar with market options. It is helpful to understand which plans are available to you. It’s always better to be informed, after all.

Find the Right Benefits Provider

If you’ve never had to purchase group benefits before for your association, you may have many questions. This is normal, and a benefits provider will be able to answer them all for you. 

Choose a proven benefits provider with years of experience, especially in the association sphere. As an association, your benefits needs are extremely specific. What you want out of your benefits package will vary greatly from an individual insurance plan or employer-provided benefits. You need to partner with a company that understands this and has previous experience managing the needs of similar organizations. 

Finding a benefits provider that can guide you through the process is essential in finding the best coverage. Its consultants will listen to exactly what you need and be able to find you a group benefits solution that fits your budget and will meet your members’ needs.


Cathleen Wright

With over 30 years of experience, Cathleen possesses an ever-growing knowledge of all aspects of group employee benefits, combined with expertise in the evolving landscape of the insurance industry. She is HIAA and ADR certified, in addition to numerous other professional sales and service certifications. When not working, Cathleen can be found at home watching the Leafs or the Blue Jays, and if it’s summer, she’ll be unplugged at the cottage with a book. Year round yoga is a must to maintain serenity, and a glass of wine or a margarita doesn’t hurt!
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