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Cathleen Wright

In 2017, perhaps the most important aspect of business is whether or not a brand has a positive connotation associated with it. Because the world is so connected via social media, a single negative instance can ruin an organization in a matter of seconds, as millions of people share and comment on a potential negative experience. That’s why businesses need to be extremely careful with how their brand is perceived—by not only the public, but by their employees, too.

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Here are a few tips that organizations should consider in order to ensure a successful (or at least, not a negative) perception is attached to their business.

1. Offer Quality Employee Group Benefits

Without employee group benefits plans, your staff might not feel as appreciated as they should be. Companies that offer group insurance and/or more employee benefits actually do much better than organizations that aren’t as open. 

For instance, out of companies that offer 11 or more benefits, 66% would recommend those organizations as great places to work. Improve company morale by offering quality full-time employee benefits programs.

2. Address Negative Situations Immediately

Whether it’s a problem in a physical store, a rumor starting online, or a single disgruntled Facebook post, it’s essential that you address these issues right away to avoid them spiraling out of control and ruining your company’s image in the process. If an angry customer is yelling at a sales representative on the phone or in your store, stop what you’re doing and talk to them right away so you can find out how to help. 

Similarly, if you (or your team of social media monitors) notice any negative posts on Twitter or Facebook, actually engage with those online users, apologize, and see what you can do to rectify the situation. Even if they don’t want to accept your apology or continue to say negative things about your business, at least people will pick up on the fact that you actually caring and are attempting to right whatever wrong has taken place.

3. Be Fully Transparent with Each Employee

You should also make sure there is no confusion between upper management, the lowest level employee, and every member of the staff in between. If your organization begins to develop a reputation of keeping secrets from its staff, quality employees will be become skeptical about joining your team. 

If you are forced to let an employee go, make sure you communicate with them exactly what brought you to this decision. Even if they are unhappy with your reasoning, at least they can say that you were honest with them.

Don’t let a negative situation spiral out of control and ruin your company’s reputation. Focus on your brand and everything associated with it if you want to truly succeed as a business. If you want to learn more about employee group benefits, contact HMA Benefits today.


Cathleen Wright

With over 30 years of experience, Cathleen possesses an ever-growing knowledge of all aspects of group employee benefits, combined with expertise in the evolving landscape of the insurance industry. She is HIAA and ADR certified, in addition to numerous other professional sales and service certifications. When not working, Cathleen can be found at home watching the Leafs or the Blue Jays, and if it’s summer, she’ll be unplugged at the cottage with a book. Year round yoga is a must to maintain serenity, and a glass of wine or a margarita doesn’t hurt!
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