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Debbie McNamara

Overview Of A Health Spending Account & How It Can Benefit Your Employees


What Is A Health Spending Account?

A health spending account, or HSA for short, is a non-taxable spending account used to reimburse plan members for eligible expenses. These expenses are defined by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and include visits to the chiropractor, purchasing of eye glasses and more.

How Will An HSA Benefit My Employees?

The workforce is in a constant state of evolution and many employees are looking for more flexibility in how they use their benefits. This is even more evident within a single organization as your more mature employees might appreciate coverage offerings that differ drastically from what an employee in their late 20’s to early 30’s might value most. An HSA will cater to all employees in a way that is most meaningful to them.

Do I Need To Have Group Benefits To Offer My Employees An HSA?

No.  HSA’s can be provided as a stand-alone benefits option or partnered with a traditional plan which offers the best of both worlds allowing maximum coverage and flexibility. 

How Is A Health Spending Account Funded?

Within the HSA model, each employee is offered a pre-determined amount of dollars. This amount is determined and funded by the employer. What’s more important is an HSA offers stability with no surprises as there is no annual increase with usage unless the employer wishes to up the amount being offered to their staff.

How Is An Employee Reimbursed Through An HSA?

Gone are the days of paper claims and mailing in forms! Eligible out-of-pocket expenses for health/dental claims can be submitted online or through the mobile application. This process is incredible easy and can be completed by opening a new claim, filling out any applicable details regarding the expense and including a picture of the receipt.


Debbie McNamara

Debbie is the perfect fit for business owners and employers, providing a great resource to those looking to retain and engage employees. Employee Benefits Consultant is her official title, but what she really offers is a business administration education, an LLQP certification, 20 years of professional experience in upper management, and an understanding of the needs and challenges facing both employers and employees. Off the clock, Debbie takes great pride in giving back to her community as an active member on a number of volunteer boards. With whatever extra time is left over, she can be found fulfilling a lifetime commitment to health and fitness by participating in individual sports such as running and CrossFit, as well as a variety of team sports including softball, indoor soccer, and volleyball.
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