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Peter Bocking


How To Communicate The Value of A Benefits Plan To Your Employees


When making the decision to implement an employee benefits plan, you likely intended for it to be a valuable part of your compensation package. However, the value of a benefits plan is very much a perceived measurement. Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is the perceived value when it comes to getting the full bang for your buck.

It’s one thing to pay a monthly premium for your team, review your brokers monthly/quarterly claims experience reports and annual renewals, but educating your team on the coverages included in your benefits package will increase its value in their eyes. Let’s face it, most of your staff members won’t take their benefits booklet home and read it line by line. And sadly, many miss out on the services that they could use simply because they don’t know they have coverage or are simply unsure of how to submit a claim.

A simplistic solution to this is inviting your broker in to do an employee presentation at a staff meeting from time to time. This will serve as an opportunity to remind them of their coverages and how to use it so that it can go a long way. Even if some of your employees don’t need or use it, the reminder of what is available to them should they need it can really aide in their appreciation of the investment that you’ve made in them and their family.

Peter Bocking

Peter worked as a Financial Advisor for a few years before joining HMA 7 years ago. He has grown into the capacity of a true Benefits Consultant in that time, and now proudly owns the firm along with his Business Partner, Barry. They have 19 amazing, specialized staff and they’re growing steadily as the specialists to turn to with over 30 years in the Benefits industry. He is a Group Benefits Associate (GBA) and is working on completing his Compensation Management Specialist (CMS). Peter loves spending time with his family. They give back to the community they live and work in. He is a proud member of Rotary and he is heavily involved with various other charitable and not-for-profit efforts. If you can’t find him around town, he’s probably singin’ a few tunes with guitar in hand.
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