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Matthew Hageman

Virtual Medicine Services Available With Your Chambers Plan

Within the past year or so, virtual medicine services have been picking up steam and gaining popularity. Teladoc, available with your Chambers Plan, is no exception.

If you haven’t heard of Teladoc before, as its name implies, it’s a telemedicine service included in the benefits plans of all businesses insured by the the Chambers Plan. Using this service, plan members who participate in their company health plan can visit a certified physician by phone or app, 24/7. All physicians are board-certified by the College of Family Physicians of Canada and reside within Canadian boarders.

How Does Teladoc work?

Connecting with a Teladoc clinician is incredibly simple. To help you get a sense of what the service would look like, we’ve outlined the steps involved in a typical appointment below:

  1. - Open the app on your smartphone to initiate the call or call Teladoc’s number.
  2. - Choose your appointment time. Appointment options include an immediate call with the next available clinician or pre-booking a future appointment at a time that works for you.
  3. - Conduct your virtual appointment via the Teladoc app or over the phone
  4. - Alongside your clinician, determine what the appropriate course of action is and if there are next steps.
  5. - Should you require a prescription, your clinician will send the documentation to a pharmacy of your choice.

What Are The Advantages To Using A Virtual Medicine Service Like Teladoc?

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, there is mounting concerns with going to the walk-in clinic or visiting your general practitioner to address minor health concerns. A virtual medicine service like Teladoc allows you to seek medical advice quickly and safely without ever leaving the comfort of your home.
Additionally, because of the speed and ease in which you can conduct your appointment, you can get back to work or other activities quickly instead of losing a large part of your day to doctor’s appointments.

Want to learn more about the Teladoc app? We’d be happy to walk you through this service and how it works alongside your benefits plan.

Matthew Hageman

Matt graduated from Queen’s University in 2019 and jumped right into the Insurance industry working for a wholesale insurer. His transition to HMA The BENEFITS People in early 2020 demonstrated his desire to have a direct impact on helping individuals and businesses find solutions to their personal situations and benefit needs. Matt has finished two of the three courses towards his Group Benefits Associate (GBA) designation. He successfully completed his Canadian Securities Course and Life License in early 2020, illustrating his passion for the financial industry and desire to deepen his understanding of estate building. On his spare time, Matt loves to cook and stay active with skiing, swimming, running and biking.
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