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Wendy Amini

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One area that's rarely considered when it comes to benefits or insurance is when it comes to associations or professional organizations and their members. While they're not traditionally offered, it's time to think outside the box and start considering just how beneficial it could be for not just you, but all members of your association as well.

Since many associations find themselves running on a small budget, they find themselves losing members or having trouble attracting new ones. The opportunities within an association are often hard to deny – networking with like-minded people, or people in a similar field can be a great stepping-stone to future success, but it often doesn't seem like enough to most people these days.

The marketplace is getting increasingly competitive as time goes on, and that means it's getting tougher to attract and retain members. That's where a lot of associations feel like they need to have an edge – something that will help them bring in new members, appease old ones and overall keep morale and happiness a high priority. That's why so many have started turning to offering benefits and comprehensive plans that not only keep their members comfortable and safe, but also keep them period.

Benefit of Membership

Having an insurance program as an association would make you stand out among the rest, and it becomes an incredibly attractive benefit of membership overall. When you can offer your members and their families coverage that improves their quality of life, there's no telling how far you can go and studies show it far outweighs most other types of membership perks in terms of value. Studies have broadly shown that people would take less pay for benefits, and that really speaks for itself.

While trying to retain and attract new members, it's important to look at all the varying options that are available in terms of benefits packages. You'll want something that fits within your budget, but also encompasses the needs of your members and any new members that may want to join. Luckily, there are literally dozens of different options all designed to fit the needs of small associations or large ones and can cover everything from medical and dental to drug benefits and life insurance as well.

In terms of member retention, some can be almost timid when it comes to change, concerned that any major shift in terms of value or rules will lead some to leave. That's why offering health benefits can be an excellent choice without the kind of aforementioned risk associated with these shifts. For the most part, everyone can enjoy having a little insurance backing them up at any point in their life and being able to offer that to them as a member creates a great deal of good will and keeps your members from moving on or simply letting their membership lapse completely.

When it comes to attracting new members, the focus is often on the younger generation – a generation that is largely without benefits at all because their careers are at an early state, or because they haven't considered the importance or the value. The fact is, new members will be drawn in when they realize you can offer them peace of mind, safety, and most important, it shows that you care for them and that goes a long way towards fostering the kind of environment people want to stay in.

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Wendy Amini

Wendy is passionate about group benefits with over 18 years of extensive experience having worked in sales and admin roles on both sides of the industry (insurance carrier and advisor). She excels with client relationships and provides superior service for all size groups. She is a Level 2 Life Insurance Licensed Professional and a Group Benefits Associate (GBA). Wendy is a very proud mom of four children. She loves travelling and entertaining with family and friends.
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