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Case Study: Chambers of Commerce

As a member of a local Chamber of Commerce or Board of Trade a small business owner can gain countless benefits; one being eligibility for the Chambers of Commerce Group Benefit Plan. A small business owner, located in the Durham Region employing 8 people, made the shift from her traditional benefit program to HMA; the exclusive provider of the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan in Durham. Through her Chamber Membership, she was eligible to take advantage of Canada’s largest non-profit group benefit pool for her small business. This gave her a new level of rate stability and control over her plan.

The business owner’s experience over the previous 4 years had proven rates that were unexpected and unstable. Although the low rates in her first year with a benefit plan were appreciated, she had become much more aware of her risk each year at renewal and grew tired of the unpredictability of her plan costs (ups AND downs) in the following years.

Providing flexible coverage options and stabilizing her rates, the Chamber program allowed the owner to match a benefit program to the needs of her business and her employees. It also gave her the confidence to encourage her staff to use their Benefits as they’re intended, with no concern for claims-related rate adjustments going forward.

Since making the switch to the Chamber plan, this Durham-based business owner has enjoyed stability in her benefit plan at each renewal as well as increased plan support from the team at HMA. Her employees have enjoyed convenience and ease of use and, because they’re encouraged to take full advantage of their benefits, their appreciation for their overall compensation package has certainly improved.

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