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Being able to offer a benefits plan to retirees is now possible on a group benefit basis with Healthcare Providers (HCP) in the hospital sector and Corsana for all other workplaces.

Endorsing organizations can look to these two benefit products to provide a level of benefit to retirees without additional administration from your Financial or Human Resource team. Communication, administration and application is direct between retirees and HMA.

HCP and Corsana offer a range of health and dental benefit programs that meet the needs of those 65 years of age and older. These extended healthcare benefits offers drugs, medical equipment and supplies, vision, paramedical services, out of country coverage and more. Dental coverage is also available with Basic and Enhanced options to suit your needs.

retirementRetirement Savings Plans


Group Retirement Savings Plans, Deferred Profit Sharing Plans and Pension Plans are often seen as the next step to providing employees with a well-rounded compensation package.  As the employer you are not responsible for your employee’s financial well-being, however you can provide tools and direction to get them on the right path.  Plans can be designed to meet your budget and employee retention goals, with or without matching contribution and/or years of service considerations.


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