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Mid-Size Business (up to 75 employees)

Small and mid-size businesses form the bedrock of our Canadian economy and employ a tremendous number of Canadians. With so much riding on your success, we are here to provide business leaders like you with all of the information and support you need to design and build an employee benefits program that helps your business attract and retain a productive workforce. As you manage your future to achieve business for success, it is important to manage your benefits plan to fit with your compensation budget.

Businesses of different sizes face different challenges, so it is important to have partners who understands exactly where your business is at. Our 30+ years of benefit plan design and delivery has taught us more than a few things about cost-effective ways we can help an organization like yours to manage and improve your benefit plan. Whether you are in a growth phase, or holding steady, keeping your employees happy and healthy keeps them committed to your organization.

With careful planning, and thoughtful execution, your benefits plan will be a benefit to both your employees and your business.

HMA offers a comprehensive portfolio of services to support the needs of you, your business and your employees.

Check the health of your benefits plan to see if HMA has a solution for you.

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